You have an OnlyFans Now?

*Update: Since publishing this blog I have deleted my OnlyFans. I was not getting what I wanted from the platform, and was getting a lot of what I didn't want. So I decided put my effort into an Etsy Shop, and focus on the Podcast, streaming and other platforms!

Hello Part Timer! 

I am slowly getting the hang of owning a business and running a brand. There is still so much to learn, but I started this to have fun, enjoy making a podcast, and play video games! But let us back up and start from the beginning so you can see how we got to me starting an Only Fans Account for the brand. 

First, for several years I had been debating what I wanted to do with my life. I am currently a Registered Nurse, who thankfully was able to step away from the bedside right as the Pandemic started. However, I am not technically using my MSN in Informatics, and I am finding myself not feeling as fulfilled as I did with this career. Which I honestly think many people are feeling, especially in this field and now. So, during the beginning of 2020  I started  this blog as an outlet to express ideas, thoughts, and anything going on with my life. I felt as though many people in similar relationships (i.e. military spouses or merchant engineers partners) would find comfort in knowing they aren’t alone in this. Then and there I launched The Part Time Wife brand with a website, instagram, and logo to get me started. I forced all my friends and family to follow and wanted to make this into something important. I slowly kept mentioning how much I would love to start a podcast, and start streaming to my friends and husband. 

About a year and half later I finally mentioned to my husband I was really interested in doing this, and he agreed that it would be cool. We actually set up a media company, Part Time Media, LLC as the bigger umbrella of my brand and his streaming. I did a ton of research to figure out the best ways to record, edit, and share podcasts for over 6 months while still working a full time job. I then slowly forced my friends to be my guinea pigs and be the first to record episodes with me. Now, don’t get me wrong I am not a professional at this and I hate sound editing so that is something I put on the back burner for learning, but it’s mine. I did it, I learned it and I am producing and editing my own podcast for release. I have several recordings and episodes under my belt, which makes me extremely proud, and tired. I knew this was going to be a huge undertaking, but I wanted to do this for myself. I have become a little better at editing and moving everything to where I wanted it. I had someone make my intro melody and I was able to overlay it with the intro I wanted (this is huge for me). 

This is where the different ways to support The Part Time Wife comes in. I knew I was doing this for myself, but hey if I can have people support and push me to be better why not? So I created a Patreon page for people to support the growth of my brand. I of course added in perks, such as merchandise with the podcast logo on it and even bonus episodes. I did decide to add all the video content from each episode to this also. It’s a cool way to have our supporters see what we all look like. I always find when I watch a podcast after listening to them for awhile that the faces I pictured them to have is sometimes different, so I wanted to offer you Part Timers a view of my favorite people! 

At this point I now also have a Twitch channel where I will begin playing video games any day now. I am trying to find a good balance and I think I am slowly finding one to make me able to play/stream more often. I have always enjoyed playing video games, and what a perfect way to talk to other people and play games! I am excited to get that part of my brand moving and having another way to gain support for the brand and business. It’s such a fun platform and makes it so much easier to chat with supporters of the brand while playing video games. 

This whole process had led me to OnlyFans. I have of course like many heard of it prior joining and have started one very cautiously. I am not on only fans to provide anything provocative but more a special way to include a deeper look into me and my life. I also love the feature of being able to have Part Timers message me with questions and me being able to communicate quickly with them. It’s a cool platform and I am still very much learning the whole thing and how to use it to help build an income for the business. As for now, it has some cute pics and some polls regarding my life! 

I want to build this brand into something I can be proud of and to build it for a community that can support each other along the way. I love making exclusive content for my followers while having them support me for that content. There are so many ways to support us, the main way is by following me on all social media platforms (links at the top/bottom of the page). You can also show some support by being a true Part Timer and subscribing to Patreon (only a $1 a month or more if you want extras). If you want special photos, videos, and easier way to chat with me you can follow me on Only Fans!

Thank you for being a Part Timer and supporting us along the way! You my dear deserve all the happiness!