Ultimate Portion Fix Nutrition Plan

This may come as no surprise by diets are tough for me. I have always struggled with eating properly, especially those late-night snacks. It is even harder when my husband is home because we go out to eat a lot or order Uber Eats because we want to try new things together (or just be lazy together). So, it is time I took control and stop making excused for why I am not seeing the results I want.

Dylan has and still does keto especially when he is at work. This has worked for him and he has dropped a significant amount of weight and kept it off. Why is it that men always have an easier time dropping weight? There is science backing this up, I am sure of it, but at this time I will not be writing about it.

I have tried keto, but I’m going to be honest the idea of cutting anything as precious as pasta, bread, and all things carbs is just sitting well with me. I love the science and idea behind keto, I’ve watched a million videos and looked at the research but have found it is just not for me. So, in steps The Ultimate Portion Fix that Beach Body has as one of their nutrition plans. I am not an expert nor am I certified to tell you what is best for you, but this is something I think will work for me.

The goal of this program is to not cut out any food groups but to help you portion your food correctly. There are several calorie plans, based on your goals to follow for each day. Each container (green, purple, red, blue, yellow, orange, and teaspoon) corresponds to a food group to allow for proper nutrition. I have watched all the videos on this, and it seems to be an easier plan to follow, because it is allowing you to decide your meals but helping to portion everything out for you. I will say my portions are always done incorrectly, so incorporating more vegetables and fruits is key for this plan.

Received all the key elements to start The Ultimate Portion Fix!

I am not saying it is going to be the easiest plan, because 5 oz of wine is a carb container and I should only be subbing this in three times a week. I am a wine drinker, granted I have cut back a lot in the past few years. I think this will help me to make the right decision to cut down on drinking and hopefully help to get me to my goals. I hope you will stick with me on this journey and tell me about your goals.

What is some nutrition plans you follow, or have followed in the past? What has worked best for you? Did you decide to cut alcohol out of your diet all together (if so bravo because it will be hard for me)?



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