The First Few Years

Wow, the first year flew by and came with challenges like any other relationship would in the first year. We aren’t perfect, even if we try to be. I had never lived with someone else, but after three months of being with this person (one month of it he was away at work). I knew I wanted to live with him, I wanted as much of his time as I could get. This may have triggered some issues as I had never lived with someone before and we both didn’t know what to expect because we were still figuring each other out. There were fights/arguments that year, but we always worked on it, we always made up. Towards the end of the year my insecurities showed up, as they do, and I started to show it in our relationship. By no means was Dylan perfect in our relationship, especially the first year. However, we did go to therapy together and worked through a lot of our own issues. This helped to build a strong foundation in the years to come and helped us grow into the couple we are today.

Our First Party Together

The bright side of the first couple years was all the experiences we had together. We went on so many trips that year and I think that helped bond us together. I will say Dylan is my favorite person to travel with, mostly because I don’t have to think about anything the whole time. He is the type to book the flight, hotel, activities, and even decide on food places. Clearly, he will ask for my opinion mostly on dates we are going and what type of food I want, but other than that, I pack and show up. Perfect, right? For someone like me I am used to handling everything on my own so to be with someone who has no issues booking trips and planning it is lovely.

A few of the places we went in the first couple years were amazing. Some I had never been, such as Vegas. That was a lot of fun and we have since gone a few more times. We also went to Key West, which he made me fly on the smallest plan ever and I did not enjoy that. I am not a great flier; I always need a drink or two before a flight. So of course, knowing this he did not mention how small the plan was until we were walking (yes walking) up to it. During this time, we also went to my best friend’s (at the time) wedding that I was a bridesmaid in. I believe this was one of our first big trips together and it was a lot of fun. I believe going on trips together will bring you closer together and creates a fun environment for your relationship to grow, not only with your partner but yourself.

To me you grow through working hard at relationship, because anyone that says a relationship isn’t work, they are lying. You have to trust that each one wants to build the relationship into something more. We still aren’t perfect, and we still have arguments, but like before we are willing to work through this together.



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