My Beauty Story

When I was younger, I would see all the girls in high school doing their hair, makeup, and wearing the cutest outfits. I unfortunately was not one of those girls, I did not know how to properly do my hair and had no clue where to start on makeup. I did understand the concept of mascara and eye liner, that was the extent of my knowledge. I was the one girl that would get a spray tan or go to the tanning bed, so I had that going for me.

*disclaimer, this is after high school technically, but I looked exactly the same

As you can tell from the picture above, I was not someone that had a concept of style or beauty products. I did however enjoy the extra hour of sleep I got because I did not have to wake up early do my hair or makeup. I would however admire my older sister, Katrina for always having the best makeup and hair. She pretty much is a living mermaid with how gorgeous her hair is. She was the person that introduced me to makeup and helped me figure out what I did and did not like.

*this is not high school; however, she has always had this style & hair shit down

As I got older and out of high school, I started realizing that I wanted to be able to perfect my makeup and hair, so YouTube is where I went. I started watching how to do my hair (mostly how to properly use a curling iron, which I learned in 2017). I was pretty late to the game of learning all things makeup and hair, but at least I was trying! I watched the best ways to contour your face, the best mascara so you don’t have to wear fake eyelashes, and what shades you should be wearing based on your skin tone.

I am far from learning everything there is to know about make up, but I am always willing to learn more. I have many friends that are the best at applying makeup and just know what will look best. I plan on having them be guest bloggers and plan on videoing them doing my makeup. I do now know how to curl my hair with a curling iron, without burning myself, so that’s progress.

I recently added blonde to my hair, which is a huge change.

As you can see, I’ve come a long way from the high school picture (and a lot less tan). I hope you will follow me on this journey to reach my beauty potential!



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