Moisturize Your Face!

When I was growing up, I know my skin was different than most. I was always plagued by dry skin; lotion was my best friend. I was constantly having to apply lotion and reapplying. When I became older, I started seeing a dermatologist that made it clear I need to focus on finding the right lotion. I also have had many massages and scrubs since then, all who have told me there is a need to do a scrub weekly to get rid of all the dry skin. This has helped, but I sadly cannot give the same treatment to my face.

This is where my daily face regimen comes in. I sadly do spend a lot of money to make sure my face is moisturized because it is the only face I get, and no girl wants wrinkles. So, I have a complete video and product list of what I use. Not one single company has sponsored me for this post, I’ve used a lot of products and these have been working for me thus far.

List of items used in video:

Skin changes throughout the years, so I am sure in a few years or even months the list will change. Some days are better than others when it comes to what keeps my face moisturized. Everyone will have items that work better for their skin and I will gladly share my family and friends’ routines, so we get something in here for everyone.

What items have worked in the past for you to keep your skin not only moisturized but clear? Has your routine changed over the years, or your skin changed over the years like mine has?

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