Meal Prep Day - Week One

So, have you ever meal prepped before? If so, what day did you do it on? As a nurse my schedule doesn’t allow me to always meal prep on Sunday, so sometimes it will be Monday or Tuesday depending on what day I am off. This past week I was going to meal prep on Sunday, but was exhausted from the weekend. I held off until Tuesday to give myself time to recover from IUD placement.

As shown in my previous post I am doing The Ultimate Portion Fix 7-day meal plan that goes along with Barre Blend. In this program you are given a calorie range to eat each day, and this is divided into colored containers. I am considered to be Plan C [weight x 11 + 700 (if doing HIIT workouts)] and my calorie count for the week is 1800-2099 calories, it is a rage as they do not want you counting every single calorie you put in your body.

This Plan allows me to eat 5 green containers (veggies), 3 purple (fruit), 5 red (protein), 4 yellow (carbs), 1 blue (healthy fats), 1 orange (seeds/dressing), and 5 tablespoons (oils, spices, butters) a day. This to me seems like a lot of food to eat in one day, so we will see how this works.

This plan gives you a bunch of recipes to choose from and different options. It does though break down each meal and the containers to use for this. I do believe I will be changing this around because I personally am not doing the Shakeology smoothies that is part of this meal plan. However, it does seem like an easy enough plan to follow. So, let the cooking begin.

Not pictured:
Energize/Recover for workout
Snack: Bell Peppers & Edamame
Protein Shake
Coconut Yogurt and Berries

I am prepped food for Wednesday to Sunday, as I am working this weekend. I did eat within my portion control on Monday and Tuesday, just did not prep those days but did eat the food you see above! Do you ever struggle sticking to a nutrition plan when out of town, on vacation, or at a restaurant? I know it has been an issue for me in the past, this is why I choose this plan because it helps to keep the portions in mind (i.e. knowing the size of each container) when ordering out.

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