FabFitFun Spring Box 2020

So, do you have any items you splurge on for yourself? Such as hair products, make up, or clothing? I know many people choose certain items to spend money on that they value above other items. For me the main thing I love to buy is in the FabFitFun box that you get seasonally.

Alright, so this is not a sponsor at all but just something that I love and use as a “treat yo self” item. I become a FabFitFun box subscriber now about a year ago and have loved that I receive a box full of amazing products.

When starting out with FabFitFun you fill out a survey of items you love, like, hate so that they can pick the right items for you. I have the basic plan, so I get to choose about 3 or 4 items in my box and they surprise me with the rest. This go around I ended up not picking anything and was thankfully surprised in the best way possible with the perfect items!


Here are the items in my box:

Revive Light Therapy Glo Wand

I received a Revive Light Therapy Glo wand, which is a wrinkle treatment. I have used it once, mostly because I have been busy. Seems pretty simple to use, you place it on your skin in your trouble areas for 3 minutes and then when it is done it will turn off and you move to the next step.

Wei Two-in-One Purify and Glow Mask Collection

This item is really cool and comes with its own brush to put each mask on. I have not tried it but plan on doing it tonight to test it out! I will follow up and let you know how this goes. I normally cannot do a ton of masks on my face because it can dry out my skin so we will see how this goes!

Eau Thermale Avene (Thermal Spring Water)

This item is perfect for my pale skin after going out in the sun for too long. It is designed to help with irritated or sunburned skin to help sooth it. I have not had to use it yet, but it reminds me of the sprays you use on your face to moisturize in the morning.

AG Hair Care – Fast Food

This item I have used, and it makes my hair feel amazing! It makes it smooth even if I do blow dry it and I noticed my hair doesn’t get oily like it had with other items. I use a small amount after a shower and then brush my hair once the product is in. I think either blow dry or let it air dry. Normally when I don’t blow dry my hair it turns out all crazy, but it’s been a lot better since using this!

Deep Sleep Body Cocoon

This is a light face mask that has a lavender smell to it. The goal is to help you relax prior to bed, which is does help to do since I’ve been using it. It smells amazing and my skin is not as dry once I use it at night. Sometimes it gets really bad in the morning from not drinking enough water or not applying the right moisturizer. This has helped a lot and I highly recommend it.

Wander Beauty – Mile High Club Mascara

I don’t about you all, but I love a good mascara that helps make my eyelashes pop! I have not had great luck with them lately, it could be user error though. I have enjoyed this mascara the last few times I have worn it. It’s light but does help to make my lashes look somewhat longer. If you have any suggestions on how to do this naturally (i.e. a different mascara or apply it different?) let me know! I did get eyelash extensions before and they were amazing but so expensive and the upkeep is crazy.

Stone Cold Fox Dish Towels

These are amazing, and oddly match my kitchen perfectly? Fate, I think so! They are perfect for when I am cooking and are durable which I need. I think my favorite part of these is they match the hand towels I already have in kitchen that were a gift! 

Calpak Packing Cubes - 3 piece set

If you know anything about me you know I love to be organized in every way possible. When it comes to traveling I love to pack about two weeks before leaving if possible (haha). These cubes are perfect to keeping every organized, such as under garments, shirts, or even using as dirty clothing bags (if the hotel doesn’t offer them). I love the idea of being even more organized when packing and it is very exciting (nerd alert). 

All of these items are amazing, and I highly recommend signing up for this box if you want full size items that you could truly end up loving! If you are interested you can sign up online at FabFitFun.com

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