Barre Blend First Impression

As you read this, I have completed my first week of Barre Blend. You may have seen my videos or posts regarding this on my Instagram (go check it out @thepart_timewife if you haven’t yet).

I have many mixed emotions regarding this workout as one
might expect. Barre is a pretty tough workout and seeing how I haven’t been
working out as much in the last few months it kicked my butt. However, this is
what I wanted I needed a challenge, and this has motivated me to keep going. I
feel very accomplished in making sure I ate correctly every day, per my nutrition
plan and worked out each day. The program only requires 5 days a week and is
about 30 minutes each workout. The early mornings have been tough but
thankfully I have all of you rooting me on, so I pushed through.

Each day with the workout there is motivational cards, you
flip them over and they tell you “I am….”. This has helped a lot and I have
done Instagram stories on each of them for you to see. This week I had these
five cards:


These cards help to motivate and focus your workout

When reading the cards, it helps to feel empowered by what they are telling you. It helps you to get into the mindset of being able to accomplish anything, including VERY early morning workouts. I know it is too early to see a difference, but I feel one within me. I am working towards feeling comfortable in my own skin, and this workout is helping me to get there.

I cannot wait to show you the progress as we move forward in this journey! Subscribe to my newsletter to get the latest posts and my Instagram to see even more on this journey!




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