What Happened to My Body?

So, I started this blog with the hopes to share my journey of wellness and fitness (among other things). Y’all can see that hasn’t worked out so well for me (eye roll). Regardless of me not sticking to blogging regularly or having a consistent workout plan, I think this past year has helped me to grow through all the challenges. I have learned that my body deserves my time and effort just as much as everything else in my life. I am not perfect, and I take days off still but I am more focused on being my best self. I am not looking to be the fittest girl in the world, or even the skinniest; my hope is to be happy in my body and love what I see in the mirror. In reality isn’t this what we all want?

For many of us the hardest part is when you are scrolling through Instagram and seeing all the highly motivated people that took this last year to better their health and to focus on working out. In fairness to myself I was one of them, I started the year off with a new workout program and was doing it consistently every day. But towards the summer I lost all motivation and was working a lot more at my new job. So, with that came me not working out and putting on the most weight I ever have. Keep in mind, I know that I did not look bad and should be happy with what my body does look like. However, I did not feel comfortable in my own skin because of the way I looked with this extra weight. It was upsetting, but I also wanted to love my body for what it was. So, I continued starting a new workout program over the summer however each time I failed at sticking to it longer than two weeks. Finally, in October of last year I took a break from alcohol, started cooking more at home, and was working out six to seven times a week. When I measured myself and got on the scale in the beginning I knew after this new program I would feel/look a lot better. After almost four weeks into the program and working out, I jumped on the scale and noticed no change. I honestly could not even see a change in my body when I looked at it in the mirror. The pants I used to fit still didn’t fit; I had to actually buy new clothing because of this (any excuse for new clothing really). I was confused and hurt that all this effort I put in wasn’t fixing the weight program.

I try and remind myself of this daily, something we all should.

This is the moment I started to do some research, because I recently had an IUD placed. This sadly is a common side effect for some women with different types of birth control. I had been on the pill (different ones throughout the years) and never had weight gain like this. The IUD was placed in February of 2020 and I was at my fittest by April. I know that it takes a while for birth control to really take its full effects on someone’s body. It was all starting to click in my mind that this may be my weight gain problem. I spoke with my husband at length about getting it removed, we were not ready to have children but I also was ready to have the IUD removed. I decided for my body it was best to have it removed, I scheduled my appointment for February 2021. I gave a full year to see how if this was the right birth control for me. Honestly, my periods were worst with the IUD than they ever have been. It was time to move on.

At this point it has been about two weeks since I had removed my IUD. I also started a new workout program two weeks ago and am reducing my alcohol intake. I also have started using HelloFresh for many of my meals at home. I measured and weighed myself at the start and I have already lost 3-4 pounds (depending on the time of day you weigh me) and can see a noticeable change in my body. I feel better and more like myself. I have also decided to stay off birth control for now as my husband isn’t around but four months out of the year. I will discuss our “plan” when it comes to babies later.

I have started the program with Beach Body on Demand, MBF (muscle burns fat). I completely love it because it involves weight lifting and some cardio. The program is seven days a week so I have given myself some grace when life has gotten in the way and I need to miss a day or two. The main thing for me is having options for the workout, and I have decided to get back into Pilates so that I have something else to do. I am going to try to get into a class once a week, but may do more as my body may enjoy it more. Overall, I have been pretty consistent and my body feels the love it is receiving by feeding it well and moving it.

Two weeks into the program and loving my body.
Three weeks into the program.

I am looking forward to sharing updated photos of myself and the program as I move along this program and get more involved with Pilates. I hope this year brings us all to a place where we can love our bodies and focus on ourselves wellbeing.

I constantly see the quote “if you don’t make time for your health now, you will be forced to make time for your illness”. This is something that could easily resonate with everyone right now. Let us not focus on how our body looks but how it feels.

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