Week 3 of Barre Blend

So, week two has come and gone. I am here now in week 3 feeling stronger and more confident that this program is going to get me to the goal line. Week 4 ends with new measurements and pictures for updates. I will be posting them for you of course to see progress. I always am afraid I will not see any progress, but I did receive a great compliment from a friend that mentioned my “arms are looking very toned” which excited me. I am a pretty petite person, so toning is the only way I can look “fit”, which everyone has their own definition of fit.

My definition of fit for myself is feeling comfortable to wear shorts and tank top outside of the house. I do live in Florida, so we have MANY months of heat and shorts are needed. I have had issues with liking my legs for a very long time, being extremely pale does not help either. So for me being comfortable in shorts because I feel strong, fit, and powerful is my goal. I also wouldn’t mind looking good or feeling good in a bathing suit.

But I wanted to broach the subject of exercise programs. Is there one that has worked for you in the past? What do you do once that one has ended? Also, are you taking “rest” days or are you doing something else active outdoors (if possible due to weather)?

In the past I have tried many different apps and workout routines to help get myself in shape, and clearly, they have all failed me. Mostly because my motivation always lacks, and I end up not wanting to go to the gym. So, I did start and try Tone It Up to begin with at home and loved it. It was easy to stick to and they gave you nutrition guidelines also. However, like many other programs I lacked the motivation to stick to it. It was always harder to keep it up especially when Dylan came home because we would stay up later, or I would want to sleep in with him. I also was horrible with a nutrition plan because they always told me to cut certain foods out.

Now, I am doing this program and it calls for two rest days a week, which happen to fall on the weekends. I like this, because my family/friends are off those days. This is the reason I bring it up, because instead of meeting for happy hour or brunch I want to figure out how to incorporate a light workout. I have thought about doing yoga in the park, walking the Saturday Morning Market, or doing a bike ride. Have you had success in this? I have not, so I’ve spoken with a lot of my friends and everyone seems to be on board to work on doing this more often. The one person I need help to get on board is my husband though, but this time around he might be more into it because he is working out more frequently on the ship/at work.

I shall keep you updated on whether or not we decide on being more active outdoors. That is a main goal of mine this year.



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