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I am happy you are here.

This blog will show the different relationships that have grown, changed, and ended throughout my relationship with my husband. It will also show how I am currently on a new wellness journey and all the entails. The idea of being a beauty blogger is comical this is why I am including it, as I am a new comer to all thing’s beauty (let the fun times begin).

About Me

I am currently living in the beautiful, very hot, Florida with my husband and four dogs. The reason why our marriage is unconventional is due to his job. He is a Marine Engineer which means he lives on a ship every other month (sometimes more) for the entire month. Therefore, I am alone about six months out of the year. Many people deal with spouses traveling and being apart, this is why I wanted to create a blog in order to reach a community that understands the struggle.

Throughout our relationship I have always struggled with maintaining a healthy diet, because when he comes home, we tend to eat out or drink alcohol more. So, I am wanting to include my wellness journey, and any new workout plans I am doing to help others obtain their goals. I also have started dabbling in beauty products more, so there will be videos associated with posts about that. I will also explore my relationships with friends and family during our entire relationship and how this has also impacted their lives. I will include guest bloggers, make up tutorials, and workout videos for everyone’s entertainment.

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I aspire to be a woman who wakes up and loves what she does for a living everyday. Travels often, spiritually secured, and financially stable.

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