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Welcome to all things The Part Time Wife! This website combines all the products I am involved with and how you can support the brand. I will include updates on Streaming (with Twitch), the Podcast (video and audio), and will continue to update the Blog as we go on important interviews, games, and new relationships stuff. I am excited to share this new adventure The Part Time Wife is on!

About Me

I am currently living in the beautiful, very hot, Florida with my husband and four dogs. The reason why our marriage is unconventional is due to his job. He is a Marine Engineer which means he lives on a ship every other month (sometimes more) for the entire month. Therefore, I am alone about six months out of the year. Many people deal with spouses traveling and being apart, this is why I wanted to create a brand in order to reach a community that understands the struggle.

I have for a very long time wanted to create a brand that expanded to more than just blogging. So we as a couple decided to start a Media Company, to which The Part Time Wife would be a huge contributor to. Therefore, I am launching a Podcast in early 2022 with tons of interviews with my friends to discuss relationships, life, and all things in between. My new Twitch Streaming will be launching at the end of this year as well. It will include video Podcasting, Video Games, and maybe some random things I do everyday (i.e. cooking videos). I look forward to y'all getting to know me more and supporting me in the adventure. Please subscribe to my newsletter, Twitch, Instagram, and even YouTube for the latest up to date information on The Part Time Wife.

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I aspire to be a woman who wakes up and loves what she does for a living everyday. Travels often, spiritually secured, and financially stable. One who surrounds herself with kindness, laughter, and honesty. Who has found her sole-mates in her husband and best friends.

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